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Cinderfella Story (part 3/ end)

" So Halloween was a blast right? If you don't count the repetitive costumes and lousy music assembly. Dean Winchester won homecoming prince! Yeah, big shocker there. But there was one shocker actually! Our high school got two homecoming princes! That's a first. A nice first! But who is this mystery renegade angel? Things just might be getting interesting here!" Jessica's voice boomed through the speakers across the school.

So that's where his phone went?

"Wow Cas you really made the buzz here!" Sam chuckled next to him gleefully.

"Oh I doubt it. It's gonna mellow out completely by tomorrow." Castiel responded bemused. That's how things usually went in this school. One day everyone's talking about Cassie's new STD and the next it's all about Andy's new girlfriend. It's messed up but it's just the way things are.

"How about Dean? Im guessing he's not gonna mellow out by tomorrow." Sam prompted beside him as they made their way in the school.

"You guess wrong. He's probably forgotten all about me by now." But Castiel hopes he's wrong.

"Guess again." Sam's grin could be heard. At the entrance of the school, in the main hall there was a whole booth set up with fliers upon fliers. The fliers read 'Have you seen this angel?' with a silhouette of a man with a tie and halo over his head. Bellow was a number with written 'call if you have information'.

Castiel's heartbeat stuttered for a moment. He never felt so happy for being wrong in his life.

"Speechless right?" Sam outright laughed beside him.

Castiel could only nod. Making their way through the hallways he noted all the walls being crowded with the fliers.

"I'm telling you man he was not just some guy, he was, he was an angel." He overheard Dean reply to something Andy had said, as he was taping another flier on the wall beside his locker.

"Dude you can get any girl, or guy you want. Why stick to some faceless angel?" Andy hassled Dean for answers.

"He's not faceless. We just, we had a connection man." Dean replied in an awed way, walking off the hallways to tape some more.

Castiel couldn't handle himself. Everything felt so very... surreal. He felt like in a fairytale.

"You should totally tell him." Sam said, his hands stacked with books as they walked back to their classes.

"I cant Sam."

"Yes, you can. And he will kiss you, and you will run off to get married in New York." Sam spoke eagerly.

"And what am I supposed to tell him? Hi, I'm Dinerboy also Angelboy as you may know me. Would you like to forget about your previous life and be swallowed in a shallower and unfulfilled one? " Castiel spoke frustrated.

"Do you really think that about your life?"

"No but, I mean... It'll be difficult for him. I have nothing to loose, but Dean... Dean has a lot to." Castiel finished lamely.

"If he really loves you, you'll be worth it." Sam deadpanned.

"Tell you what, I'll tell Dean I'm Angelboy, they day you tell Lisa you're Batman. How about that?" Castiel finished growling. There was no end with Sam. But this oughta do the trick.



"I'll tell her right now."

"WHAT?" There was no way. Sam wouldn't. He couldn't. Right?

"Yep, saw her by the pool. Let's go." Sam said playing cool, quickly changing his direction back through the halls.

Why did he have to be such a dumbass? Trust Sam to make an ass of himself for Castiel's sake.

They found her, alongside Anna and Jo lounging in their bikinis, sunglasses on. They were at school, was there really a need to appear like a movie star?

Sam gulped, shrugging out the tension he felt and walked confidently to where they lay. Castiel stood idly, biting on his fingernails in anticipation. He hoped for the world that everything would turn out great. Lisa will see that Sam is actually her hero, kiss him and they could get married here, in Kansas.

But he just had this awful feeling in his chest.

He watched as Sam took a stand by Lisa his shoulders hunched in tension, making him appear like the door man from 'The Adam's Family'.

Sam said something, to which Lisa slid her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose giving him a disbelieving look. She said something to Jo, to which she replied, making Lisa give a look of disgust towards Sam. Lisa spoke, making her way farther from the girls.

She talked some more, Sam's shoulders slumping, and turning back towards Castiel with the bitch face upon bitch faces.

It went bad.

Castiel felt the little hope he carried for Sam crumble down.

"Sam..." Castiel's voice came out strangled, as Sam reached within earshot.

"Let it go, Cas." Sam said in a tiresome manner brushing past Castiel, trudging back to the school.

Sam didn't deserve this. He was such a wonderful person, any girl to have him would be the luckiest one.

He was set on spitting in Lisa's coffee next time she comes to the diner.


U. N. Owen: i cant stop thinking about you

U. N. Owen: i need to know who you are

U. N. Owen: please

Castiel stared at the letters, flashing black across his computer screen.

He should tell him.

To hell with Lisa, Dean wasn't like that. He never was.

He will tell him.

Right now.

He steadied his fingers across the keyboard.

My name is Ca

"Hey, Cas, you got that report finished?" Meg choose just the right moment to bardge in.

Castiel huffed in frustration, slumming head down over his desk.

"I'm working on it." He replied his eyes fixated on the unfinished reply he was about to send.

"Well hurry it up, it makes me nervous to have to wait for it!" Meg raised her voice, throwing herself down over his bed, the bed springs croaking beneath her.

"Imagine how nervous would you be if you had to write it yourself." Castiel replied in an agitated manner.

"Oh wow, yeah." Meg replied as if she just realized the meaning of life.

"So could you make it sound more like me this time? 'Cause I'm so sick of explaining why I sound so smart on paper, and so not smart, not on paper." Meg tested the words on her tongue.

Castiel shook his head in a confused manner, a number of comebacks trailing through his mind. Unfortunately none of them came to be, hence the intercom buzzed.

"Cas I need you downstairs." Lucifer's voice commanded through.

"I'll be right there." Castiel replied tiredly, brushing his eyes beneath his glasses.


Castiel felt the weight of the world settling against his shoulders, as he slowly got up from his desk chair, canceling the conversation with Dean. Although he missed the tab of emails he left open from Dean.

"I'll be right back." He replied to Meg, not noticing the mischievous grin she had centered towards his computer.


Castiel was smoking beneath the bleachers. Sport's wasn't really his forte, so while the rest of the classes ran around like monkeys on the field he patted the pack of Lucky's in his pocket reassuringly. The gym instructor never really noticed who was or wasn't absent because he usually ran three classes at the same time. And if he was checking who was or wasn't, he could easily slid beneath the bleachers and blend within the rest of the group, raise his hand when his name was called and go back to this cigarettes.

The cigarette he held safely between his fingers, helped him keep his mind off of things. Instead of thinking about Dean, or Sam, or Angelboy, or U. N. Owen he concentrated on the smoke trailing from his hand.

But the illusion of being care free was broken when said Dean/U. N. Owen jogged his way to him.

"Hey, man." Dean said through deep gasps of air. He was wearing a tight white shirt with loose, black sweat pants, with red stripes on either side. Sweat glistened his forehead, his hair spiked from it.

He probably wouldn't have noticed how sexy he looked if it weren't for the big reveal. Wow, this was probably the first time he outright admitted to calling someone sexy.

"Hey." Castiel's voice rasped quietly, the gravel in it standing out even more. His throat went dry from seeing him. He didn't know how to act in front of him, now that he knew the feel of those arms around him, his voice whispering sweet lyrics in his ear.

'Pull it together. Now.' He demanded from himself.

'Now think. How would you act it you didn't know that you loved Dean?'

'Well, I would probably be polite, quiet, a little stubborn, sheltered, but nice enough.' –He let his inner dialogue trail to a stop. Or was it still considered a monolog if you were talking with yourself? But he was talking as two different people. So that means

"Earth to Cas?" His thoughts were cut off by a hand waving in front of his face.

"Excuse me?" He blinked rapidly., realizing he must have stood there gazing in nothing like a complete moron. He probably looked like a junkie on the best of acid trips.

"A cigarette." Dean spoke like he affirmed some previous words he must have spoken that Castiel hadn't caught.

He rummaged through his pocket his gaze never leaving Dean's face, which stood too close for comfort in front of him.

"I don't mean to be a freeloader or anything, you're just kind of the only guy that knows I smoke." Dean explained rushing his words, averting his gaze from Castiel, choosing to stare at the grass bellow instead of him.

"It's alright." He opened the box to Dean, nodding it in his direction.

Dean took one with slender fingers, placing it in between those soft, soft lips. And just now Castiel realized in just how much of a different light he saw him in. Dean raised his eyebrows expectantly to Castiel.

"Oh." He quickly found his lighter, and before he could give it to Dean, he felt a hand snaking around his, Dean's head dipping in between the hollow space between them, down to the lighter. He never felt this kind of arousal before. He didn't even know why, or how. Dean just looked so submissive. He might have found out his first kink.

His finger tumbled over the lighter, finally setting it ablaze, watching as Dean inhaled deeply, the cigarette's tip burning with life.

He pulled back, Castiel's hand raising goose bumps from the lack of warmth.

Dean took a spot beside him, turned towards the field, catching glimpses of his classmates running about through the bleachers.

Just as before they smoked in silence, the coach yelling the exercises to the kids.

Until Dean decided to brake it.

"You know what I hate?" Dean suddenly said, his voice agitated.

"You should have told me you were a Marlboro kind of guy." Castiel replied dryly. His sarcasm always came out when he felt cornered, or uncomfortable.

Dean chuckled briefly his gaze still stuck to the field.

"Nah, the Lucky's are fine. Orders. Taking peoples orders I hate." He said a fierce undertone to his voice.

"Dean Winchester took orders? I thought I was the only Dinerboy around." He couldn't help it! The wise guy inside him just kept vomiting out his words. It was like ah, a defense mechanism.

Dean chuckled again to his surprise. People usually got annoyed with him by now. They found his sense of humor "off putting".

"It's my dad's orders I take. And you're no Dinerboy. That's just some nasty bullshit you shouldn't listen to." Dean finally decided to look back at him.

And sure Castiel did know about his dad, John. He knew that his dad wanted him to take over the garage. Filling gas, washing cars, the family business. He knew that his dad didn't know that Dean wanted to go Princeton.

"Nasty bullshit from your friends." Castiel didn't think through his words, before they were just out there on the open. But he did catch Dean's eyes. His eyes were filled with something of a, clouded sorrow.

"They are not my friends. I don't know those people. Hell, Cas, you're probably the only person I've had an honest conversation with since... in a long time." Dean finished meekly.

Dean was honest with him. And apparently only with him. With Castiel, not Angelboy.

This felt right.

This moment felt right.

He was going to tell him.

"Dean I have to tell you something." Castiel said, his confidence suddenly sky rocketing.

"Shoot." Dean replied reinforcing him, puffing away at the last of the cigarette's tobacco.

"I am"

"DEAN WINCHESTER? Is Dean Winchester here?" The coach's voice rattled the bleachers with the sheer force of it.

"Shit, I gotta go." He flung his cigarette to the ground turning to make a run for it.

"Thanks man. Really." He shouted back at Castiel as he jogged back to his class.

Castiel felt his bravado come crashing down. He watched as Dean found his place between the class, speaking to the coach.

But there was still hope.

He had hope.

There was no waver in his decision.

He was telling Dean. He just needed to find the right time and place.

"Sam! SAM! " Castiel shouted over to Sam, running in a frenzy through the school hallway. He finally reached the big mass of body that was Sam and held his shoulders for support.

"Cas what's wrong?" Sam immediately switched into "mother hen" mode as he tried to see Castiel's face, which was slung down as he was trying to catch his breath from running.

"He, He likes me!" Castiel finally spoke as he smiled brightly at Sam.

"Dude, Jessica just announced that he wants to rendezvous Angelboy after the pep rally. I think we've covered that." Sam immediately deflated from his worried stance and went back to being pissy.

"No, no ,no, he likes me! He liked Cas, not Angelboy! We talked and, and he was really nice, and I gave him a cigarette and he told me I'm not Dinerboy and then, then he said I'm the only person he'd been honest with aand"

"Dude, stop!" Sam took his friend's shoulders and shook him roughly.

"You're not making any sense here, just start from the beginning." Sam tried to sound serious but he couldn't help the smile that blossomed on his face. His bestfriend, Cas was excited, ecstatic about something! He hadn't seen him this happy since, well before the accident.

He prayed there wouldn't be another screw up this time.


They walked towards the football field where said pep rally was supposed to be held.

"Ah, Cas?" Sam cut Castiel in his ongoing ramblings about Dean, their supposed rendezvous, what should he wear, and if he should shave, etc.

"Yes, Sam?" He even managed to sound irked at being cut mid sppech.

"Aren't those your stepsisters sitting with those bitches?" Sam rarely used crude language. He thought he had the right to in this situation. Castiel second this.

He looked over to where Sam nodded his head and indeed saw Meg and Ruby sitting opposite Lisa, Anna and Jo.

They had some papers drawled between them and Meg shook a paper in her hand, explaining something heatedly.

Lisa caught them starring ( they weren't really being subtle about it ( Castiel had opened his mouth and squinched his eyes together in effort to see better ( he really needed to get new glasses))) and send Castiel the nastiest glare he thought anyone could muster.

"Well that was unnecessary." Castiel mumbled to himself as he and Sam made their way away from Lisa and company.

Sam took the job of talking now, but Castiel couldn't concentrate.

All of his good mood suddenly vanished to be replaced with something...

Something he thought he'd forgotten.

The kind of dread that creeps up on you before something really bad happens.

He tried to brush that thought out of his mind and switch his attention to Sam and the upcoming pep rally, but the feeling he couldn't erase.


He and Sam choose to stand in the back between the crowd, while the football team were seated neatly on the rows of chairs in front of the little stage they'd set up.

He could only see the top of Dean's head, who was seated in the first row, his father behind him.

Dean wanted to see him after the pep rally.

He felt giddy just thinking about it.

If only this thing would start and be over with.

And with that thought the principal of the school stood up on the stage and the crowd went roaring in applause.

A nudge from Sam reminded him to join in, if only briefly.

Yeah, he wasn't really fond of authority.

"Hello and Good Day students! In honor of our football team and the big game on Friday the next I would like to give space to out cheerleading team!" Another roar of applause some catcalls.

He and Sam didn't clap this time.

Not for Lisa and rest of irrelevant bitches.

Still they came hopping on to the stage, cheering and smiling looking like bunnies on steroids.

They did some crappy dance that made his eyes hurt until the football coach stood, Bobby before the microphone.

"Who we gon' beat?"Bobby yelled across the crowd.

"The Demons!" Everyone yelled back the name of the opposing team.

"And when we gon' beat 'em?"


"And who's gon' lead us to victory?"


"Good, good. Now, I'm gonna leave the stage to the cheerleading team for uh, a performance to raise our spirits!" He said somewhat awkwardly.

Lisa came up stage again and took the microphone.

"Ahem, ahem, calm down now boys." She said laughing, resulting in even more whistles and shout outs.

"She did that on purpose!" Sam angrywhispered to Castiel.

"Noted." Castiel replied grimly.

"Ahem, Once upon a time there was a brave cowboy."

Enter on stage : Meg, her shot blond hair stylized upwards, sporting the full cowboy get up, earning laughter and cheers from the crowd.

Castiel felt something was off.

"He spent his time hunting and protecting the town's citizens to come back to his beautiful, hot, sexy, girlfriend."

"But he still wasn't happy." Anna and Jo, raised up two signs that spelled 'AWWW' making the crowd react in same.

"He prayed every night for an angel. Maybe he could answer his prayers." Enter on stage: Ruby, her black hair tied in a bun, sporting a suit and wings.

No, no, this definitely wasn't good.

"One night the smelly cowboy ditches his super hot, sexy and bendy girlfriend and goes to meet said angel."

"IIs it really you?" Meg said in a mock manly voice lowering her cowboy hat in the process.

"Yes, Dean." Ruby replied in a gravely voice, her facial expression unmoving, earning a guffaw of laughter from the crowd.

No, no, no, no.

"Not only did Dean, the cowboy live a double life but he had a secret relationship too. One consisting of email's with a certain Angelboy."

"Lets get out of here." He felt the tug of Sam's arm but he flung him back.

He stood unmoving watching the nightmare unravel itself before his eyes.

"I've been thinkin' about you all day, angel. You're the only reason I manage to get through. No one gets me like you do. I can't wait ti'll I get to meet you, and go to Princeton together. I can't wait to leave this place." Meg read several chat log lines he remembered having received from Dean.

The crowd went wild with clapping and sick laughter.

"Oh, Owen, I want to tell you who I am, but I'm scared. I'm scared that you won't like what you see. PS: I've never had a real kiss before."

Another eruption of Awww's.

Castiel felt something twist violently inside him.

"But our angel also had a secret. He was no holiness at all. But a geek, a loser, a servant boy." She spoke as Ruby entered the stage in the diner uniforms clamping down on a cake, making the boys stand up and choke on laughter.

Finally she turned her eyes towards him. Her cold, cruel look.

"And who you may ask is this imposter? Give it up for the pretend Angel, Castiel Novak." She said smiling cheekily, gesturing widely towards him. A crowd of heads turned towards him laughing even harder, pointing, and shouting in union 'Dinerboy! Dinerboy!'. He stood stoically through it all, taking in the humiliation.

He spotted Dean twisting his head towards him. His face turned incredibly pained, and that is what broke him. He fought through the crowd and away from them finally letting the tears he held tremble through his eyes.


He slammed the door to his room and slid down to the floor.

Why, why did he let himself be so stupid?

He knew better than this.

He knew better than to trust people.

He wasn't like this.

He sobbed loudly, cradling his head between his knees.

Sam had offered to stay with him, to help him, anything, but he loved Sam too much to put him through this.

This was his own mess, his own fucking mistake.

Sam didn't need to see this.

He didn't need to see his best friend brake down like this.

He felt such despair.

But most of all the felt shame.

He felt ashamed that he let himself trust another person, believe in them.

He felt ashamed that Sam, and Gabe, and Ellen, and Balthazar, all know just how much of a failure he is.

How he failed them, as he failed himself.

"Move away Cassie." He heard his uncle voice behind the door and felt him trying to push him away.

"Get away." He said, his voice ragged and coughed slightly.

"You got a letter! From Princeton!" He stood up away from the door, if not to see the letter, than just to shut that singsong voice of Lucifer.

The door opened with a crack and a grinning Lucifer handed him a letter.

He quickly snatched it from his hands not in the mood to play games.

He opened it with trembling fingers to read:

'We are sorry to inform You that Your application to Princeton University has been rejected.'

"Well, what does it say?" Lucifer asked earnestly.

"I didn't get in." He deadpanned.

Everything, absolutely everything he ever worked for, ever lived for had been took from him.

"Oh, no, oh I'm so sorry Castiel. But look on the bright side, you have a job in the diner for the rest of your life! " Lucifer said enthusiastically.

They said Castiel's glare could kill.

He wished it could.

He honest to God wished that his uncle would drop dead at this moment.

"I'm gonna leave you to freshen up now. Wouldn't want to add puffy eyes to that awful complexion of yours." He said smiling slyly and left the room.

Again Castiel was left crushed.

He rarely ever let himself cry.

Once a year was enough for him.

But today, he didn't care.

It didn't matter.

All dignity that he had left was robbed from him in this single day.

So he threw himself over his bed and cried himself to sleep.




A crash.

A boom.

A voice.

'Get out!'

'Get out now!'




Castiel awoke with a startle.

His breath heaved and he felt the cold sweat pooling on his skin.

He hadn't had one of these nightmares in a long time.

He quickly pulled on his glasses and switched to look at his bedside clock.

03:34 AM

No wonder. He didn't even remember how he fell asleep. He didn't feel rested at all.

More like he just ran a marathon.

Through hell.

He quietly made his way to his bathroom and splashed his face and arms with water.

Chancing a look at himself he saw how bad he really looked.

His eyes rimmed red, deep purple circles under his eyes, stubble looking ragged, hair looking like someone tugged on it too tight.

He washed his face again hoping to erase the memories that were left there.

Returning to his room, he reached under his bed for his pack of cigarettes.

He propped himself on the bed and promptly lighted one up.

He held his head between his hands in the silence of the night when he remembered something.

He flickered the bedside lamp on and rummaged under the bed once again.

This time pulling out a big beige box.

He crossed his legs on the floor and opened the box.

Inside was his childhood.

The best years of his life.

He pulled out the first things he set eyes on.

A framed photograph of 5 yearold him and his dad.

His heart clenched at the memories.

He brushed a thumb over his dad's smiling face.

His favorite book was there too.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

He laughed sadly as he flickered through the pages revealing his childish scribbles he left there.

And beneath was one big and heavy book.

He Cinderella in both hands and looked over it.

It looked beautiful.

Leather bound and hardcover.

The book's title adorned by twirls of color and movement.

He took the cigarette out of his mouth and stubbed it out on the cover, making sure to burn some of the artwork away.

He then threw it against the opposite wall with a growl.

That book hadn't brought anything but bad luck to him.

It was evil wrapped up with a bow.

He was through with childish things.

He flopped back on the bed, preparing himself for an uneasy rest, leaving his once most precious possessions scattered on the floor.

The first week after the, ahem, incident, was particularly hard for Castiel. School was never a place he felt happy, but now he felt unsafe, alienated, despised. Scared.

Walking through hallways he was followed by catcalls, shouts, grunts, shoving and elbowing.

Like he had done something awful, something to be ashamed of.

While the bad guys were celebrated, adored.

Lisa and company walked by him giggling, laughing, like they felt accomplished.

Like crushing Castiel was all they ever dreamt off.

He could take them.

He could take it all without crying.

But watching Dean walk by him without a single glance is what made him cry himself to sleep every night.

Dean, who he thought was wonderful, loving and caring had left him like a used rag.

He was so sure Dean would have accepted him.

He couldn't fathom the idea of being so, so wrong about someone.

Hunched on the floor of the diner he srubbed mercilessly at a big, black stain.

He thought of himself as that black void imprinted on the floor, how he wished he could just disappear as the cosmological mistake he was.

How he wanted to make himself gone.

"What are you doing boy?" –Gabriel's voice snapped him out of his dark thoughts.

"Trying to get the floors clean." –He replied somberly.

"I meant, what are you doing with your life?" –Gabe said forlornly.

This made Castiel straighten his depressed form, turning to Gabriel with a furrowed brow.

"Get up." –He said as he caught Castiel by the armpits, pulling him up.

"Now tell me, what's going on?"

"Nothing's going on. I'm just being me; Dinerboy. This is what Dinerboy's do." –Castiel said bitterly.

This statement of defeat made Gabriel cup the boy's head in his hands, a look of sympathy in his eyes.

"Stop it, Cas. This is not you talking. This is those fuckers who go to school with you. Don't tell me they got to you."

And he was right.

He wasn't being himself.

He had molded into what everybody wanted him to be.

Crushed, defeated, sad, ashamed, alone.

He grasped Gabriel by the shoulders, hugging him with his trembling form.

"It's alright, baby, t'salright. You're strong, Cas, you know this." –Gabriel whispered words of comfort in his ear, soothing his back with his hands.

And in the end this is what he needed.

Sam's long discussions on their feelings couldn't do right to a simple hug.

Shaking in Gabriel's arms felt like redemption to him.

But their moment was cut short as the slam of a door opening shook the diner's walls. In that effort one of the ugly pin up pictures fell from the wall, causing the bright pink wallpaper to shred.

"Dad! Castiel ruined your wall!" –Ruby said as she smiled slyly at him.

But behind the wallpaper he saw one of the quotes his dad had written, in the time when this was his diner, in the time Castiel had a father.

"No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." –Castiel voiced the words that were written in baby blue, the color his father had told him, of his eyes.

And it was like he was enlightened, like an epiphany.

"Oh, wow, that's gonna come out of your paycheck, sweetie." –Lucifer said with a mock smile of sympathy.

"Fix it. Oh, and while you're at it you can just redo all the walls, I had this really nice fluorescent green with pink wallpaper shipped in just yesterday and"


"Excuse me?" –Lucifer looked takenaback as he stopped mid speech.

"I said no." –And it felt like taking that gulp of breath after being submerged under water for too long.

"What are saying?" –Lucifer said puzzled, like he really couldn't understand the meaning of the word 'no'.

"What I'm saying is I will not be doing your orders from now on. I'm saying I quit. I quit this!" –He said as he threw the rag in his hands at the floor. "I'm saying I quit this job, I quit your family, and I quit your life! " –Castiel finished fearlessly, flushed from adrenalin.

"Oh but, honey, who do you think want's you in theirs?" –Lucifer said spitefully in triumph.

"I do." –Gabriel voiced from behind him, resting a hand on his shoulder.

"He'll be moving in with me." –Gabriel said assuringly, and Castiel clasped the hand on his shoulder with his own.

"You say one more word, and you're fired." –Lucifer said in a hostile manner, but he too knew he was losing this battle.

"Oh, that wont be necessary, cause I quit too, sweetcheeks." –Gabriel said smiling cheekily.

"Come on, Gabe, let's get the hell out of here." –Castiel said decisively walking towards the door.

"Just a minute, Cas, I'm not done here." –Castiel stopped mid stride to look back at Lucifer looking positively pissed, as the girls eyed the situation with fear, the whole diner monitoring them.

"You know, the only reason I stayed here was because of that boy. And now that he's through there's nothing stopping me from kicking your ass to next Friday." –He said fiercely as he took a step towards Lucifer.

"Not in the face, not in the face, go for the girls, its much newer than the girls!" –Lucifer exclaimed in fear as he cowered behind Ruby and Meg.

"Gabe. Gabe!" –Castiel raised his voice to get Gabriel's attention who was set on beating the lights out of Lucifer's eyes.

"He's lower than the scum on this floor's dinner. Come on." –Castiel said with a smile, reaching out a hand for Gabriel to take.

Gabriel shook a finger in warning to Lucifer, and took the offered hand.

"You know what, I quit too!" –Ellen said from behind, throwing her apron to the floor.

"Me too! Ellen wait up I need a ride!" –Balthazar quickly scrambled away from the kitchen and to the forming group.

Castiel stood hand in hand with Gabriel, watching as the row of employees walked out, stating their dismiss, followed by the customers.

Once the diner was empty Castiel smiled in triumph.

"Guess nobody want's you in their life, too." –He said to Lucifer's flushed form as he and Gabriel left the dinner for the last time.


"I can't believe you were totally gonna beat up Lucifer." –Castiel said chuckling as he folded his clothing in Gabriel's house.

"Oh I would have burned his face off, if I had the chance. Actually that's a pretty reasonable idea, I'm gonna write that down on my 'Ways to kill Lucifer' list." –And Castiel couldn't help but laugh at that. He had laughed and smiled more in the 1 hour he was at Gabriel's place than he had in the years living with Lucifer.

"I had no idea you were that tough." –Castiel admitted.

"Yeah, but I always knew you were." –Gabriel said strongly.

Castiel glanced back at him, receiving a reassuring nod from Gabriel.

He smiled in thanks, as he flopped himself on the sofa behind.

"I can't believe I haven't felt so at home in such a long time. Thank you, Gabriel. For everything." –Castiel thanked him sincerely, for the hundredth time since they left the diner.

"Oh I didn't do anything. It was all you. I always knew you had it in you." –Gabriel said perched on the armrest next to Castiel.

"Now come on. I have a full jar of Nutella, and I need all the help I can get to make it spotless." –They laughed as Gabriel set foot towards the kitchen.

Everything was slowly falling into place.

Only a few more things to take care of.


Castiel rushed through the empty halls of the school, his sight set on the gym.

He had a few things to get of his mind.

Once inside he trailed past the football players, some naked, some dressing. They began shouting for him, whistling as he walked past.

But it didn't matter. Not any more it did.

He spotted Dean as he sat in his rugby uniform talking with Andy, who upon seeing him nudged Dean on the shoulder.

Dean looked into his direction eyes widening as he saw Castiel. He quickly stood up as Castiel grew to a stop.

"Look, Cas, I know what happened was"

"Mean, cruel, evil?" –Castiel stopped him not really up for his bullshit excuses.

"I know that Lisa is"

"A demented whore? Lisa is not the issue here, Dean. She is not your excuse." –Castiel shouted over Dean's words.

"What I'm trying to say is" –And Dean even sounded pained as he spoke again.

"I didn't come here to listen to you. I came here so you will listen to me, for once." –And Dean stopped trying to speak, his form straightening, a look of apology in his eyes.

"I, I don't hate you, Dean. I feel sorry for you. I might not have a family, a job, friends... But I always had me. The real me. Not the one you try to pull off in front of your friends. I never once pretended to be someone, or something I'm not." –Castiel sighed as he ran a hand over his face.

"I know that, that guy I spoke to with on chat is somewhere deep inside of you. But I can't reach that deep. I can't grasp a hand that's closing." –He stressed the words loudly.

"I didn't come here to yell at you. I just, I hope you grow up, and put this macho crap behind you. I hope you get what you've always wanted. But not like this." –Castiel finished quietly and turned his back on Dean's face full of sorrow.

"Wait, Cas! Castiel! Cas!" –He ignored Dean's loud cries for him, and walked out of the gym, missing the echo of a loud punch Dean gave to his locker.


Exiting the gym, Castiel shivered with relief. It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his back.

It felt exhilarating, breathtaking, awesome, and well, scary as hell.

As he was catching his breath he spotted a tall figure walking towards him, in the empty dark hallway.

"Sam?" –Castiel asked wearily.

"Hey, Cas." –Sam sounded out of breath, like he was running all the way here.

"What are you doing here? How'd you find me?"

"I, uh, I asked Gabe where were you and I, I guess I had a pretty good idea what you'd be up to, thought you'd use a friend. Come here." –He said in a rush as he was quick to wrap his arms around Castiel who gave into the hug with content.

"Come on Cas, Lucifer, Dean, all in one day. You're really something." –Sam laughed as he pulled back, his hands still on Castiel.

"You know what, I did what was right, and I really need to calm down. Let's just go and, do something." –Castiel felt that a nice, relaxed evening with Sam lounging in the park would do him some good.

"Um, actually, I uh, I wanted to go watch the game, but I totally understand if you don't want to I mean, yeah..." –Sam said awkwardly, but Castiel saw that Sam really did want to go.

So why not?

He was over Dean, wasn't he?

"We should go." –He said with a decisive nod.


"Yeah, come on. I'll let you explain the game to me." –Sam laughed as he and Cas both trailed away through the hallways, and out in the stadium.


The bleachers were absolutely full.

People were shouting and cheering and the game hadn't even started yet.

The cheerleaders ( Lisa ; head whore leading them ) were dancing and throwing themselves around below on the field.

Castiel couldn't stand to look at her, and that wide fake smile.

Sam was also cheering from next to him, obviously caught up in the frenzy.

It was strange how alone you could feel in a crowd of people.

And then they announced the team. The players rushed through the stadium, breaking through the flag of paper in tradition.

Time seemed to drag on as he watched the ball switch from player to player, touchdown after touchdown, yells and cheers boring holes into his ears, stray popcorn landing on him, around him, over him.

He felt like suffocating.

And then as the game was ending, all their team needed was one last touchdown.

He watched somberly as Dean's father approached him, telling him something with a powerful shake of the other's shoulders. Dean merely nodded with a scowl.

He then lowered himself on his knee, ball in hand as they got ready for one last play.

Everyone around him started chanting 'Go Dean! Go Dean! Go Dean! Go Dean!'.

Castiel started reliving the 'Dinerboy' moment and he felt nauseated, ready to puke his guts.

He thought he could handle this.

He thought he could watch Dean play and not feel longing or lost.

Instead he wished that he could be cheering for him, that he could give him that kiss that will give him the energy to win the game.

Admitting this to himself is what pushed him to the edge.

He had to leave here now.

"Hey, Sam, II thought I could do this but, I'm sorry." –He shouted over to Sam who gave him a long look of sympathy.

"Look, you go, and I'll call you later, tell you how it went. Okay?" –Sam finally said with a look of question in his eyes.

"Yeah, okay." –Castiel smiled weakly, and started rushing through the crowd, to just leave already. He bumped and fought through the people, earning himself a few choice words in his efforts. He closed his eyes and went rushing through the crowd, not really caring who he stepped on, or who he pushed. He really didn't want to be crying here. The tears were already prickling at his eyes, when suddenly he felt himself push straight into a body.

Oh, hell, he really wasn't up for a fight, but he opened his eyes and saw...

"Dean?" –Castiel rasped, as he saw through his glossy eyes the face of Dean Winchester. They were standing on the middle of the stairs, the crowd suddenly gone quiet.

"Castiel." –Dean sounded strangled, his green eyes full of dull pain.

"Can you, will you listen to me, for a second, please?" –Dean practically begged him, and Castiel caught on that.

"Dean, you, you have e game to"

"I don't care about the game. I don't care about working for my dad, I don't care about Lisa, I don't care for any of that. I care about you." –He said passionately, cupping Castiel's face in both his strong, rough hands. Castiel could only hold still his mouth agape in bewilderment.

"And I'm begging you, to give me another chance. I blew my first one, and II regret it so much, Cas." –Dean said sounding choked, his eyes going red with tears.

"I've been the biggest jackass to let you go. I should feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you aand you were willing to give me more, and I blew it, I fucking blew it." –Dean dropped his head down, as if to reconcile with himself.

"I'm asking you for another chance. I'm willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to be with you." –Dean finished with a deep tone of desperation in his voice.


"Yes."Dean said fiercely.

"Then kiss me." –Castiel said softly, feeling a smile settling on his face.

Dean looked takenaback and slowly, his face softened in a brilliant smile, as he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Castiel pulling him in for his first kiss.

Their lips moved in union as the whole crowd cheered for them, as they cheered for winning the game.

But in the end, none of it mattered.

All that was important was that smile on Dean's face as they held each other basking in their affection, rather than in their surroundings.

So as this fairy tale comes to an end, a happy ending is sure to follow it right?

Well, you're right, it does!

Cleaning out my room for one last time, I found Cinderella stuck under the bed. It turns out that the book held something more than a love story.

My dad's hidden will, in a blue envelope.

In it stating that the house, the diner, the cars all belonged to ( you'll never guess it ) me!

And underneath all of that stood Lucifer's signature.

Upon hiring a lawyer Lucifer was swiped of his feet and sent for a night out downtown with the nice men in uniforms.

So now Lucifer is paying out his debt to society working in the restored glory of my dad's diner.

My business associate Gabriel is making sure he does the job right. Cleaning floors is serious business.

And for my stepsisters they actually presented themselves to be of good use!

In an agreement that I let them stay in the house, they found my real acceptance letter to Princeton.

In the trashcans behind my house.

But hey, they got my old room in the attic and I get to go to Princeton.

Sam also got his acceptance letter to Stanford. And with the letter he also got the girl of his dreams.

No, not Lisa, after Dean and her were over everybody sort of forgot about her.

Guess that's how much she was worth.

No, he got Jessica!

Surprising everyone they turned out to be quite the couple.

See, everybody wins!

As for me and Dean...

"I never would have guessed I would be doing this, here." –Castiel said smiling as he looked over Dean's face in the sunny sky, propped up on his elbows over the Impala's hood.

"I never would have guessed I would be loved. But hey, life's a novel right?" –Dean said chuckling lightly as he turned a lazy hand in Castiel's hair.

"A jock and a geek. Football star and Dinerboy. U. N. Owen and Angelboy." –Castiel voiced his amazement quietly loving the feeling of Dean's hand through his hair.

"Or just Dean and Cas. Boyfriends. " Dean laughed happily, moving towards Castiel to plant a kiss on his smile.

"Come on. It's a long day of driving ahead of us." –And Dean was right.

The road to Princeton was a long way.

Well let's just say me and Sam dropped the VCard.

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